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Silicon nitride is a non-oxide ceramic having excellent thermal/mechanical characteristics. It is divided into alpha and beta types, with the alpha type mainly used as powder materials for moldings, and the beta type used as fillers to improve wear resistance/thermal conductivity of resins, etc. Our lineup includes ultra fine powder whose average particle size ranges from submicron order to coarse grain powder.
Ever since Sidley Chemical CO.,LTD was established in 2001, we have been specialized in chemicals. Our main products are nitriding ferroalloys (alloys that are nitrided).After development of more than ten years, we’ve grown to be one of the leading companies in this industry with an output of more than ten thousand tons of ferro-silicon nitride and more than 200 tons of silicon nitride. For many years we’ve been devoted to the research of micro-alloying technology.
Solar Grade Silicon Nitride Powder

Solar Grade Silicon Nitride Powder

CharacteristicsMoldings using silicon nitride powder are lightweight, shaving excellent high-temperature strength/toughness against breakage, and quite sensational characteristics such as resistance to wear, corrosion and thermal shock, etc. and such features are receiving wide attention. This is a material with potential applications in components for automotive engines, electronics, and industrial machinery; as well as in various types of composite materials.Applications- Thermal engine components: Automotive engine components, gas turbine components, etc.

– Mechanical components: Cutting tools, bearings, etc.

– Corrosion resistant components: Molten alumina-related components, etc.

– General industrial components: Wear resistant components, high temperature insulation components, heat resistant containers such as setters, heat resistant jigs, etc.

– Materials for resin filling: Wear resistant fillers, thermal conductive fillers, etc.