30 Sep 2013
September 30, 2013

HR B400grade steel type Silicon Nitrid

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HR B400grade steel–FD90-95 type Silicon Nitrid

    Silicon nitrid is featured by its high strength; especially the hot-pressing silicon is one of the hardest substances in the world. It is so highly resist to heatness that it could keep strength and tough ness unchanged till to 1200℃.It will not melt after being heated and will decompose only after being heated over 1900 ℃.Silicon nitrid also shows an amazing resistance to chemical erosion. For example it could stand against almost all the inorganic acids as well as caustic soda solution with concentration under 30%.In addition it is also a good electric insulation material.

Thermo stable, Corrosion Resisting, chemical stability and good wear-resistance. The expansion coefficient is small, thermo conductivity good, good strength and toughness and good performance of oxidation under high temperature

Main application:

It is used for increasing nitrogen of HR B400grade steel, wear-resistant-and-erosion-resistant materials.

As a new material for industry, FD90/FD95 silicon nitrit is widely used for industry of fireproofing materials, steeling and nonferrous smelting and horizontal continuous casting. For example, it could be used as stemming in fireproofing, protective tube in nonferrous smelting etc.

Main types: bulk silicon nitrite, 200 mesh silicon nitrit  and 325 mesh silicon.


HR B400grade steel--FD90-95 type Silicon Nitrid

HR B400grade steel–FD90-95 type Silicon Nitrid

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