Photovoltaic-grade Silicon Nitride Powder


In the present situation of energy shortages such as oil and carbon, after the nuclear crisis, photovoltaic power generation is currently the most promising green energy, not only can replace part of conventional energy sources, but also will become the world’s main energy supply. The most basic components of photovoltaic power generation are polycrystalline silicon solar cells. The  Solar-grade silicon nitride powder can be used as a release agent, sprayed on the inner surface of the polysilicon ingot crucible, and is a necessary product for the production of polycrystalline silicon ingot.

Sidley Company uses a special silicon powder nitriding process, and the Solar-grade silicon nitride powder synthesized has high purity and narrow particle size distribution. It is used for the surface of the polysilicon and monocrystalline quartz crucible to prevent the adhesion between the inner wall of the crucible and the molten silicon material, be convenient for mold release, also play a role of the barrier layer, and to ensure the purity of silicon material. The product quality has been widely recognized by many well-known manufacturers at home and abroad.

Solar-grade silicon nitride powder is applied to thin-film solar cells. After coating the silicon nitride film using the PECVD process, it can not only as an antireflection film to reduce the reflection of incident light, but also during the deposition process of silicon nitride thin films, the reaction products, hydrogen atoms will go into the silicon nitride film and silicon wafer to have played a role of passivating defects.

Sidley Company attaches great importance to new product innovation and R & D work. On the basis of the photovoltaic-grade silicon nitride powder in 2011, recently it has marketed the modified silicon nitride powder TS and the sintering-free silicon nitride powder TY.

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