Ferro Silicon Nitride

Ferro Silicon Nitride


Product name: Ferro silicon Nitride

Particle size: 200mesh/other sizes upon request


Product Features:

A:Refractoriness exceeding 1700℃(3092°F)

B:High resistance to corrosion caused by liquid metals

C:Very stable chemically and thermally

D:High spalling resistance

E:Small thermal expansion rate

F:High thermal conductivity

G:Appropriate hardness


Product Application:

A:Ferro silicon nitride increases erosion resistance of blast furnace taphole clay against liquid iron, therefore increasing the holding time of the blast furnace. Daily tapping time becomes more efficient.

B:Additive for alloys in smelting of cold-rolling oriented silicon steel.

C:Additive in alumina and silicon carbide based refractories.


Product specification

Product Name N Si Fe O H2O
Ferro silicon Nitride 30%Min 48%Min 12%-17% 2.5%Max 0.3%Max


Ferro Silicon Nitride

Ferro silicon nitride is with Si3N4 as a main component, accompanied by free iron, non-nitrided ferrosilicon, and a small amounts of mixture with other components. The commodity ferro silicon nitride for refractory is an off-white (or dark brown) powder, while that for steel making is an off-white granule.

2). Uses of Ferro Silicon Nitride

The powdery ferro silicon nitride is mainly used for the breach stemming for big blast furnace, and  a small amount for iron trough materials or other unshaped refractory materials.

The granular ferro silicon nitride is mainly used for oriented silicon steel or other steel grades with the use of nitrides to improve the strength(such as HRB400 steel).

Ferro silicon nitride is also an additive for the production of the cold-rolled unidirectional silicon steel. After added into the metal melt, the product can obtain good room temperature and low temperature strength, good corrosion resistance, thermal shock and wear resistance.

Ferro silicon nitride is a new high-quality refractory material, and can replace silicon nitride of higher price for anhydrous stemming of large blast furnace, with features such as good openability, sintering aid, anti-erosion, and low cost.

3). Use Conditions

Ferro silicon nitride has been widely used in the stemming for blast furnace in developed countries, significantly improving the openability of stemming and meeting the needs of blast furnace tapping, and has become an indispensable ingredient for the stemming of modern blast furnace. In addition, in the  iron trough materials, adding a small amount of ferro silicon nitride can greatly increase the iron influx of iron trough. Japan started to use ferro silicon nitride in the 1970s.

In steelmaking, the granular ferro silicon nitride  is initially applied in the production of oriented silicon steel, and it can relatively stably supplement a certain amount of nitrogen for the molten steel. As a cheap alloy with provision of nitrogen source, ferro silicon nitride has good application prospects in other steel grades in the future.