16 Oct 2013
October 16, 2013

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Bearings

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Silicon Nitride Ceramic Bearings


As an important basic mechanical component, it has dominated the world of new materials, owing to its excellent performance unmatched by the metal bearing, such as high temperature resistance and super strength. With the continuous progress of processing technology, increasing improvement of technological level, and declining cost of ceramic bearing, the applications have gradually extended from the high, precise and advanced  fields of small scale in the past to various industrial fields of national economy now. The market prices of products are also gradually approaching the practical and achieving an acceptable level of users. The wave of large-scale applications of ceramic bearing has been coming!

All-ceramic silicon nitride bearing rings and rolling use silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic materials, while the retainer uses polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as the standard configuration, and generally can also use RPA66-25, PEEK, PI, and phenolic cloth bakelite tube. Compared with ZrO2 materials,  the all-ceramic bearing made by SiN4 is suitable for higher speed and load capacity, as well as higher ambient temperatures, while providing precision ceramic bearings for the spindles with high speed, high precision, and high rigidity. The highest manufacturing precision can reach up to Grade P4 to UP.

Advantages of All-ceramic Silicon Nitride Bearings

First, since the ceramic is almost not afraid of corrosion, the ceramic rolling bearing suitable for operation in the harsh conditions of corrosive media covered.

Second, since the ceramic rolling ball has lower density than that of steel, and is much lighter in weight, during rotation the centrifugal effect of outer ring can be reduced by 40%, thus greatly extending the service life.

Third, the ceramic is less affected by thermal expansion and contraction than steel, so when the clearance of bearings is certain, the bearings are allowed for operation in the environment of  relatively severe temperature changes.

Fourth, since the ceramic has higher modulus of elasticity than steel, and is not easily deformed by the force, it is beneficial to increase the working speed and achieve high accuracy.

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Bearings

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Bearings

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