Application of Silicon Nitride bonded Silicon Carbide Products in the Ceramic Industry

 The ceramic industry can be divided into household porcelain, ceramics for building, sanitary porcelain, grinding wheels, electrical porcelain, alumina balls, special porcelain, and so on. The kiln furniture sintered includes refractory slabs, foot pad, uprights, sagger and stripper plates. The kiln furniture plays a role of supporting and containing in the furnace in order to increase the loading kiln density of semi-finished products. In addition, in the firing process, it can also prevent the combustion gas, dust and molten slag from contact with the burning products and reduce the consequent product defects. Therefore, the refractories for kiln furniture should meet the following requirements.

Great strength at room temperature and high temperature; in the course of use, the kiln furniture should bear the load of itself and the products. Material with high strength can make thin and light kiln furniture, which can not only enhance the kiln loading density, but also improve product quality.

Good thermal conductivity, low heat storage and good thermal stability; the kiln furniture in line with these conditions can improve the firing speed of furnace, increase production, and reduce energy consumption.

   Good chemical stability; in the high-temperature firing process, the kiln furniture will be in contact with the flame produced from fuel combustion, gas and molten slag, so will be severely eroded. Only with good chemical stability can the kiln furniture have resistance to erosion and meet production needs.

    The thermal conductivity, high temperature strength and oxidation resistance of silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide products are superior to those of the conventional silicon carbide and oxide bonded silicon carbide. And the fumigation phenomenon in ceramic products will be completely resolved. It can be used for more than one year in the ceramic kiln at 1250 -1350℃(the number of uses is more than 2 times that of ordinary silicon carbide). Silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide is at present the ideal replacement for the ceramic kiln furniture.

Silicon nitride particles

Silicon nitride particles

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