10 Dec 2013
December 10, 2013

Silicon Nitride Introduction

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 Silicon Nitride


Silicon nitride,is off-white,an advanced inorganic non-metallic material, has very good applications in iron and steel smelting,refractories,etc., and also has a wide range of applications in wear resistant rubber, plastics, ceramics, and other room temperature and high temperature sealing abrasives.

Main Features

This product is a new material generated at a specific ambient temperature. Main features are as follows. First,with good corrosion resistance,thermal conductivity,as well as resistance to thermal shock and abrasion, it can be used in the temperature of 1800 degrees Celsius below. Second, it has excellent splitting endurance Very stable chemical components and thermal conductivity. Third, it has such advantages as small expansion coefficient, large thermal conductivity and strength. The fourth is good high-temperature oxidation resistance.

Wide Applications of Products

As a new material in the modern industry, silicon nitride powder is widely used in  ceramics, refractory, ferrous metallurgy, nonferrous metallurgy, rubber and other industries. For example,

. In the nonferrous metals industry, its resistance to corrosion and invasion is excellent, so has been widely used.

. In the steel industry,

A. Silicon nitride coatings can effectively solve the problem of billet oxidation burning loss during heat treatment. Experimental results show that the anti-oxidation coatings of nano-silicate have obvious anti-oxidation effects and enable to reduce the oxide scale to 0.1%-0.6% from 3%-5% produced by the ordinary hot-rolled sheet originally, and down to 0.2% or less from 1%-3% produced by the hot-rolled sheet of stainless steel.

B. Silicon nitride stemming. The stemming with silicon nitride will play an effective role in the sintering activation, corrosion resistance and anti-divisive effects. Used in the furnace or electric furnace, it can make the blast furnace mouth more stably sealed, and is very easy to break and cut.

. Since the product has good application in new ceramics and composite materials, it should improve the corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, abrasion resistance, high strength and other properties.

Chemical Properties

Silicon nitride has a very good high temperature stability. In acidic conditions, it has a high degree of corrosion resistance. At a temperature within 500 ° C, it has a high degree of resistance to alkali.