Application of Silicon Nitride bonded Silicon Carbide Products in the Non-ferrous Smelting Industry

The non-ferrous smelting industry, mainly include aluminum, copper, lead and zinc industries. The temperature of smelting non-ferrous metal is lower than that of smelting iron and steel, but but the oxides of non-ferrous metals, such as Cu2O, NiO, ZnO, PbO, SnO2, have strong alkaline properties in the high-temperature molten state. The slag generated in the smelting process has good fluidity and strong permeability, so the erosion of the refractory lining is very severe. Especially the erosion of metal level surface and slag line is more serious, so the selection of refractory lining requires special caution.

 With excellent performance and high cost performance, silicon nitride products have reflected a superior role in the non-ferrous smelting industry. At present, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide products are widely used in the non-ferrous industry abroad. Whether for the electrolyzer, melting furnace of the aluminum industry, the blast furnace, melting furnace of the copper industry, or the shaft furnace, rectifying furnace of the zinc and lead industries, etc., silicon nitride is currently the best refractory material.

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